Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Evenstar Earth Star Shawl

I finally finished it. It is being blocked in the photo above. I blocked it on a double bed. I am very happy with it. It was challenging and I did learn a lot of different techniques and stitch patterns knitting it. I am glad I used alpaca as it feels so soft and luxurious. I also love the pinky purply beads.My Earth Star Shawl 
 Happy Knitting! 

Thursday, September 10, 2015


Spring has arrived and I'm loving the flowers and warmer weather. My  Evenstar Shawl by Susan Pandorf is going slowly. It takes me sometimes a couple of days just to knit one round. I am loving the lace stitch patterns though. This one is like cathedral windows.I am almost at the border section and am not sure if I will use beads or not. Maybe little mother-of-pearl type ones or pale pink glass myukis?  I also have no idea how I'm going to block it when it is finished as it is going to be enormous! 

Chartres by Janel Laidman.

It is a complex pattern with many traveling cable stitches. I am enjoying it and it is my first attempt at knitting socks on one circular needle using magic loop.
I was waiting at the immunologist at the hospital in this photo with a cuppa. I've been unwell again and have just spent a week in hospital. I am happy to be back at home now and loving Spring happenings in my garden.

Happy Knitting!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Winter Hat Knitting

Long time no post. I  know. Sorry. I have been hat knitting though! I finished the Kate Davies peerie-flooers (below) and the Donna Smith Donna Smith Baa-ble-hat (above). These were my first attempts at colourwork and it was fun! The shetland wool was a bit hard on my fingers and wrists. I knitted the Baa-ble hat in sportweight bluebell patons wool which was a bit easier. I experimented with the pattern and ended up making the hat too small. It was supposed to be for a one year old child but it was too small so it would be perfect for a baby hat I think. I modified the adult pattern, changing to smaller needles and lighter yarn. Check out http://www.ravelry.com/projects/FayKnits3/baa-ble-hat for details on how I did it.

I also knitted this  Slouchy hat (below) in Opal Hot and Spicy yarn. I love this yarn. I think I need to buy more Opal yarns and knit more hats and socks in it! 
I'm currently knitting lace socks and still going on the Susan Pandorf  Evenstar. I'm loving knitting all the hats and still having a large lace project. 
Happy Knitting!

Friday, April 17, 2015


I finished Wintersweet by designer Boo Knits. It is an elegant shawl in tussah silk with myuki glass beads. It is soft and quite heavy with the many beads. I did not knit the picot edge but decided on a stretchy bindoff which I am very happy with. This is a lovely knit but quite a challenging lace pattern. I love it.
 Lace on Wintersweet

I am now back to working on the evenstar-shawl by designer Susan Pandorf and my Rainbow Socks. I am planning on starting the peerie-flooers by Kate Davies. It will be my first attempt at proper fair isle which I'm excited about!
I made it to my knitting group on Wednesday at the library and it has lifted my spirits greatly. The ladies were so lovely and it was fun to see all their knitting projects and catch up. I'm feeling a bit better and have been going out a bit more. My twin daughters are on school holidays and have been driving me around which is so lovely.

Some knitting videa podcasts I've been enjoying are the fat squirrel with Amy Beth and caffeinated knitting with gert and allie. I always watch the knit girllls also. I learn so much from these talented knitters. They are worth watching and they make me laugh too!

It is a dull rainy day here which I am loving. I'm now going to put the kettle on and sit by the heater and knit for a while. 
Happy Knitting!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Lace Mistakes and Sad Goodbye

I have been enjoying the Laura Nelkin "Save Your Stitches: Fixing Lace Mistakes" on www.craftsy.com
It is a fabulous class! She delves into really complicated lace problems! I love it. In fact I'm going to fix a couple of tricky mistakes I made in my lace today:) I missed a yarn over!:)

Also this week my gorgeous dog Scruffy had to be put to sleep. He was fifteen and had a very adventurous life growing up with my girls. We miss him terribly. He used to sit with me while I knitted. I feel a bit lost without him.
Keep knitting:)

Monday, March 2, 2015

Show Win!

Wow! I won some ribbons in Handknitting at our local show with my green lace shawl ( Bella Botanica by Karen Strauss). My snow angel (booknits) got third. 
I'm spending a lot of time at home in the dark in the daytime as I have been experiencing chronic migraines since early december. I had a week in hospital over Christmas as the doctors tried different neds to stop them. None worked. I had eleven migraines in december, ten in January and seven in february. I can't go out in bright sunlight as it brings them on. So I'm knitting a fair bit but stopping often as my neck seizes up. I'm still working on the Wintersweet and loving it. The tussah silk is a dream to knit with, so smooth and soft. I love it and the beads are perfect, like little red berries.
I'm also knitting up some rainbow socks with random stash fingering yarn.
I wanted to mention how much I love instagram. I follow a lot of sock knitters and enjoy seeing all their progress and yarn choices. I love seeing other lace knitters work as well. It is such a wealth of creativity and talent! I am faeryfay on instagram:), come visit me there and join in the fun!
Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Three Lace Projects on the Needles!

Yes, I have three lace projects on the needles. I am crazy. It just kind of happened. Above is my shrug in Waratah Fibres merino/silk blend. The pattern is from the book I got for Christmas from my mum "Lovely Lace Knitted Lace" by Brooke Nico. It is a brilliant book! 
I am also doing the BooKnits MKAL Wintersweet but I am very behind. I'm still on clue 2 and I am seeing all the finished shawls being posted on Ravelry and can't wait to get to onto the lace and beads. I'm loving knitting in Tussah silk:) 
Oh my goodness, yes the Evenstar Shawl is still going slowly. I do love knitting this. It is so soft and the lace so delicate. It is a huge project and I think it may take me all year to finish. That is ok though. I quite enjoy having a long term project on the go. 
Here are some of my Christmas presents! I got some wonderful books and I also got a gift from myself: lace blocking wires! I feel very special just owning them now, like a really serious knitter:) lol. I can't wait to use them. That means I have to finish a lace item!
My autoimmune disease has been really bad over Christmas which has slowed down my knitting:( but I'm feeling a bit better today and am planning a relaxing knitting afternoon.

I'm planning on having a fabulous 2015 filled with knitting projects and loads of creativity, lovely yarn and exploring new exciting patterns. I am also looking forward to being more involved in the Knitting Guild and planning new things with my knitting group at the library. 

Happy New Year and Happy Knitting!:) 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dye for Yarn Silk Tussah!

I decided to join the Boo-knits MKAL in November :Wintersweet on Ravelry. It requires a skein of Tussah Silk and beads! I ordered the silk from DyeForYarn  and it arrived! "Broken Terracotta Tile"
It is a beautiful deep browny red and is so divine! Now I have to buy beads. It is a Mystery Knit Along. I did Boo's Morticia MKAL and loved it and am so looking forward to the first clue. Trying to decide on beads is so hard, but part of the whole preparation process which I just adore! I'm enjoying reading the Boo forum posts on Ravelry and seeing everyone else's yarn and bead choices.
 This MKAL is lifting my spirits as I have been feeling down. I've been having so many CT scans, ultrasounds, blood tests and appointments at the hospital. My family, knitting and my garden are keeping me somewhat sane:).
I hope you are enjoying your knitting and creativity!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Stripy Socks and Another MKAL:)

I finished the stripy socks in Opal. I liked knitting them and was amazed that the stripes lined up perfectly on both socks:). I think my niece will love them. She has big feet like me and my girls.
Mum also finished hers. This photo is of her socks nearly finished (red stripy). This is her first pair of socks and she has loved knitting them.
I know we are going into warmer weather here and it will be too hot to wear woolly socks but we don't care. Mum has caught the sock knitting bug and I think we'll be sock knitting all year round:). 

I was very excited to see on Ravelry that Boo is doing another MKAL  Boo Wintersweet .It will be a lacy beaded shawl.  I've joined up and bought some very stunning silk tussah called Terracotta fromDyeForYarn on Etsy Germany. I can't wait for it to arrive! I still have to order beads. My silk is a deep reddy brown and I'm thinking sparkly red/pink beads will look divine. I love Boo's designs and know that this one will be gorgeous just by the name: Wintersweet. The MKAL: doesn't start until November so I have to get my act together and finish some of my WIP's. 
I am still planning to do the Craftsy class Fair Isle Vest with Mary Jane Mucklestone, but maybe after Christmas as I have too many things going on until then. I' d better get on with it all then!

Where ever you may be, I wish you all happy knitting!:)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

All The Projects

I bought these gorgeous knitting bags from Namaste www.thewoolshack.com.au They are brilliant. I also bought my mum some for her birthday as she has caught the sock knitting bug too!
I've got socks, a self-designed shawl and the big Evenstar project on the needles at the moment and I'm keen to making more progress than I am!

My Evenstar (susan Pandorf) is coming along.
I'm really excited about fair isle. I bought the Craftsy Class www.crafsty.com on the Fair Isle Vest and am planningvto do it after Christmas. Can't wait!
Mum and I are still going strong on our Stripy Socks in September (even if we are now in October!). 
 I did a fabulous workshop on dyeing using natural materials with artist Sally Blake at the National Botanic Gardens. The orange wool was dyed with eucalyptus leaves and the purple dye was black rice! We also used wattle blossoms for yellow. It was really interesting. I over-did it and my hips and knees were sore afterwards though.

It is spring here snd I'm loving all the flowers and blooms about:) Be it autumn or spring wherever you may be, be happy knitting!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Socks in September

My knitting group at the library we are knitting socks for September! I am using Opal yarn in a purple/pink. Yay. It's going to be so much fun:)
I finished the "Twists and Turns" socks.
This is the first time i have written a blog post from my new phone. I'm feeling pretty clever:). Happy Knitting:)

Monday, August 25, 2014

Craft Fair Books

Just a quick post today as I have broken my phone and haven't been taking photos all week and can't upload any. Thankfully I a getting a new phone tonight and I can get back to instagram (I'm faeryfay) and taking photos of my knitting and garden. I have missed not having a phone!

Anyway, I bought two fabulous books from Can do Books . It is the best book shop ever for crafty books. I buy from them online, but if I get the chance I love to go to their stall at craft fairs and spend ages going through all their fabulous books. I could have bought about ten books, but narrowed it finally down to two. Victorian Lace by Jane Sowerby and Creative Knitting by Mary Walker Phillips. They are equally fabulous. Every page I turn to of Victorian Lace I just melt and want to knit it! I chose Creative Knitting because it is a little different and views knitting as an art form which I really like. I would like to experiment with some of the ideas from this book.

I am currently still working on the Evenstar (Pandorf) and my own twisty sock pattern as well as the shawl I am designing with the Waratah silk/merino blend. I have completed the Craftsy course Craftsy Shawl Scapes with Stephen West. It was such fun. Stephen is fabulous and so inspiring. I love his teaching and his shawls. I'm also going back and enjoying the Kristin Omdahl Sweetheart Shawls class also.

I am also loving http://www.theknitgirllls.com/wordpress/ podcasts. Such fun!:)

My knitting group at the library is growing. We are knitting Stripy Socks in September and it should be lots of fun. I've ordered some Opal self-striping yarn from www.purlwise.com.au. I can't wait for it to arrive. It is in a purple/lilac colourway and it will be gorgeous knitted!:)

The sun has come out here and I have my first daffodils of spring in flower in my garden. I'm enjoying the prospect of warmer days and nights. Happy Knitting.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Cascade Alpaca, Casting On and Rheumatoid

 Ohh La La! I love this yarn. Cascade Alpaca Lace is my fave yarn which I use all the time in different colours for different shawls and lace projects. I bought four skeins from www.purlwise.com.au. I also bought my gorgeous Hiya Hiya sharp tips from there too. After my swatch of the evenstar-shawl (susan pandorf) I decided to order the 2.75 needles as the 3mm were too big. However, my needles still have not arrived after more than two weeks! It is only coming from NSW! Anyway, Purlwise are sending me another pair and I am very grateful:) Purlwise provide fantastic service.
 .Here is my tricky cast on for the Evenstar Shawl.

I have been loving listening to podcasts and finding more knitting websites. Some I've enjoyed this week are:
homespun House
 I've been doing a fabulous on-line course artists-studio-journal-a-designers-workhorse . In my design journal I've been exploring colours and experimenting with yarn, textiles, painting and collaging. Cutting out with my left hand is challenging, but I did ok!(my right hand is sore).
 My rheumatoid is relentless and despite the huge amount of medications I'm taking I still have pain. My right wrist is very sore and in the evenings my elbow and shoulder ache too. My hips and knees have also been horrid. I've been going to the pool and trying to get some relief. The water is warm and it is nice to float and move around without as much pain. I am currently on Humira injections fortnightly and I am waiting for them to start working more so I can reduce my prednisone steroids. Anyway, that's enough about my joints!:) As I can't knit much today I'm blogging (however this also hurts my wrist!) The sun is shining so I'll pop outside with a cuppa and breathe in the fresh air!

As always; Happy Knitting!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Lace Evenstar Swatch 1 & 2

 I did swatch one on 3mm needles and it was 1 inch too wide. So I did swatch two in 2.75 needles. It is almost perfect. To be honest, I think 2.25mm would be better, but the hiya hiya needles sharps only go down to 2.75 and I'm committed to them now. The second swatch I tried a different way to do the 7incin3 evenstar stitch. I just did k,p, seven times into the same 3 dec stitch.  I really love this delicate stitch.

I have cast on with dpns. The Emily Ocker's Circcular Cast On (youtube circular cast on) works out beautifully. It's a bit tricky with such fine yarn. I am enjoying the challenge of new techniques in lace:) I'm sharing my progress on instagram. I'm faeryfay on instagram:)

I am waiting impatiently for my 2.75 hiya hiya sharp tip needles to arrive in the post from http://www.purlwise.com.au/
I bought my cascade yarn and needle cables from Purlwise and have ordered yarn form them before and I am happy with their selection and service:)

The sun is shining here this morning so I'm going to grab a cuppa and my knitting and sit outside in my garden:) 

Happy Knitting:)